Just the Facts (as of January 15, 2023)

Consultations IEP/504/School Meetings Expulsion Hearings Members with Attorney District(s) Served Lawsuits Settled
4348 723 12 3 1) Desert Sands USD (CA)
2) Riverside USD (CA)
1) Riverside USD (CA)
Consultations: 4348
IEP/504/School Meetings: 723
Expulsion Hearings: 12
Customers with Lawyer(s): 3
District(s) Served:
1) Desert Sands USD (CA)
2) Riverside USD (CA)
Lawsuits Settled: 1) Riverside USD (CA)
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We're stopping the preschool to prison pipeline

About Us

We are a media company that advocates for Black School Employees & Black Families, with children in K-12 school districts. We assist families with getting the services they need by holding school districts accountable.

Our advocates work to meet the unique needs of every Black Employee and Black Family for fair and equitable treatment in the educational system.

Our Six Initiatives:

  • Reduce/Deter Bullying
  •  Educate Parents on Basic Student’s Rights
  • Increase Parent Involvement
  • STOP Pregnancy to Prison Pipeline (teach young women the importance of nutrition before pregnancy)
  • Increase Financial Literacy
  • Improve Perception/Knowledge of Self

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